Testimonies of Truth

Interview with Erick Goss (Minno CEO)

December 25, 2019

On this Episode, we interview Erick Goss who is the CEO of Minno. Minno is a Christian streaming service that provides shows, books, and resources to children and parents around the World. We talk with Erick about his role as CEO, how Minno helps spread the Christian gospel, and how it encourages conversations between kids and parents about the Christian faith. Thanks to Erick for joining us on this episode, and thanks to the Co-Producer of the podcast, Nathan, for helping with this episode.

If you would like to find out more about Minno, you can go to their website: https://www.gominno.com/

To Listen to other episodes of Testimonies of Truth, you can click here: https://testimonieswebsite.podbean.com/

Song:'Reach The Top' by Shane Ivers from Silvermansound - https://www.silvermansound.com


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